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People often wish they could do more reading. Not knowing it can be easy once you get started - so we thought we would help by showing just how easy.

About us

We created myReadSpeed to encourage more people to read by helping you see just how easy and quickly it is consume more books.

By taking a quick and simple reading test, we instantly calculate and apply your personal reading speed to some classic novels and show you visually - how long it should take to complete each book.

You can then schedule any of the classic books to be sent in custom installments - to read by email - straight to your inbox. Absolutely free.

A quick idea to help you read more books:

If you commute to work on weekdays, and want to read a classic novel, you can calculate the rate you read and then schedule a personal installment to be sent to your email - for your commute. For example, sending a 30 minute installment each weekday, for your 30 minute train journey.

Or if you like a more leisurely read

How about scheduling some personal time for yourself and sending a longer installment to read on the weekends? Or as a way to unwind in the evening.

It's not a race

Calculating your personal reading speed is not a race. The idea is to read at a comfortable and normal speed to determine your personal reading rate - to then see how easy it is to read more books.

...but if you like speed

We can help you consume more books.

We also have some articles and tips if you are interested in learning how to improve your reading speed and how to develop reading comprehension.

Who are we

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