Calculate your reading speed

The value of recording your reading speed

Measuring your reading speed in words per minute (wpm) is calculated with as simple formula:

wpm = (number of pages read x number of words per average page) divided by the number of minutes spent reading.

Achieving an incredibly fast reading speed is not of much use if you are not able to comprehend the information which you read. This is why a reading speed course or program should include an opportunity for you to test your comprehension levels.

If you want to test yourself, it would be advised to use material that you are interested in and that you have not read before. Perhaps ask a friend to pre-read the material to create a series of questions to test your reading comprehension.

Determining the rate at which you read is important to help you track and develop your reading skills - helping you to chart your progress.

A good progress chart must have information on the amount of words you are reading, the speed in seconds and the level of comprehension and information retention.

This is where the majority of good speed reading software may be of benefit to you. Many of programs assess your reading levels, test your comprehension and then save them onto a built-in progress chart. It couldn't be easier.

Don't worry if your reading rate decreases. It is normal for your reading rate to sometimes fall slightly. This could be for a number of external factors which influence your reading at the time such as the material, the reading environment or even your stress levels and how receptive you are to what you are reading. To gain consistent and reliable results, you should practice in a relaxed state, with the right lighting, proper text side and a comfortable reading environment.

If you have too many things on your mind, you may find it hard to read easy and comprehend information at the same time. Focusing is an important factor in reading effectively.

Keep your progression chart updated when you assess your developments. With a little patience you will be amazed at how much a little practice can help you develop.

The purpose of myReadSpeed is not to encourage you to read books quickly but rather to help you see how quickly you can read books to show you how easy it is to complete a book and pick up another.

You can also read (and test) how effective your reading speed is by reading a free classic book in custom installments based on your reading speed.