Speed Reading FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Reading is one of the most rewarding activities we have. Not only can we learn new things, but we also open a world of imagination and opportunity to step into the mind of creative writers and storytellers through novels and stories.

Most people however, see reading as a time-consuming and unrewarding activity. A belief often influenced by their lack of enjoyment in reading. Not realising that reading is one of the very few channels of media which we can control. Unlike movies, which are created to provide an interpretation of a story; reading novels and stories opens our imagination to our own interpretation. It's a media which we control how we comprehend and where we control the amount of information we retain.

Many people also see reading as an overwhelming task - involving too much time and effort. But just like the principles of eye span. Reading seems overwhelming because we focus on the many individual letters and pages - rather than grouping them more appropriately into units, chapters or scenes.

Students face similar problems in that the amount of text to read can be overwhelming. With effective speed reading techniques, the task of managing an overwhelming volume of information can be managed and controlled.

How to speed read

There are different exercises and techniques to develop your reading speed, however the core principle is to widen the amount of words which are taken in (eye span) to encourage a more natural flowing and fluid reading speed - processing groups of text rather than individual words.

How is reading speed measured?

Reading speed is a balance between pace (the pace of the reading speed) and comprehension (the level of information which can be recalled and understood). A passage of text is used to guage the pace and speed of the reader and a seres of questions help to assess the level of comprehension. Scores are provided as words per minute, with a certain level of comprehension required for that reading wpm to be considered successful.

How fast can a person read?

The World Speed Reading Championship reports thats people who attend, taking into account reading comprehension, read about 1000-2000 words a minute.