Improving reading speed

Taking steps to improve your reading speed

Anyone and at any age, can improve their reading speed. The key to progressing well is to be able to comprehend what is being read at a good fluid pace. The result is that you will be able to improve the rate in which you read and also understand what you are reading.

Reading should be fun but as the majority of us read at an average or slower pace, between 150-350 words per minute, the experience can be time consuming and feel unrewarding.

When deciding to improve your reading speed it is important that you have the desire to improve, motivation to practice and are open and willing to try new techniques. Taking these points on board will help make the experience easy and effective.

Actively seeking to improve your reading speed and practice will help you make an effort to pick up the pace and as you progress you will feel great about your gains. Improving reading speed is something which requires practice until it becomes a habit and therefore a part of your skills.

To quote Jim Rohn:

Motivation gets you started. Habit keeps you going.

Being able to read at a good pace and understand text at high speed is a worthwhile skill; in education, business or pleasure. And it is a skill which stays with you forever. But like with any skill, it does require desire and motivation to acquire and practice to keep sharp.