Increase your reading speed

Increase Reading Speed

The chances are that at one time or another, you wished you could increase your reading speed and although you can't necessarily change the study material textbooks, long emails from co-workers or the stories in your favourite newspaper; particularly in a time where information is not only readily available and easily accessible, but it comes rushing at us from all directions. You can however, change your reading speed.

Some find it harder to increase reading because of trouble with line tracking. As we read, our eyes follow the text and scan across the page from left to right. At the end of each line, our eyes flick back to the left to start the next line and poor line tracking slows reading and can affect fluency and overall comprehension of the material. One very simple method to counteract tracking issues is to use your finger or a pen as a pointer to guide your eyes across a line of text - helping avoid eye tracking issues and reading regression.

Thinking that this is natural forces many of us to settle for an average reading speed and with an average reading speed it can take months to finish a novel or take a frustratingly long time to read study material. Taking a test to calculate your reading speed like ours on helps you appreciate your natural average reading speed and to help you visually see how accessible books can be when broken down into units.

Increasing reading speed is not only useful in reading for pleasure but is even more useful when used in learning and studying - where time and comprehension is essential. Plus by making the experience faster and easier, you will relax more, understand more and be less stressed.

The desire to improve reading speeds has lead to a significant rise in the appearance of fast reading courses and programs - a good indicator of the general desire by people to increase their reading speed and comprehension.