Speed Reading Software

Using speed reading software

Computers are a great learning aid for developing your Speed Reading - providing an interactive way of learning and developing your skill from the comfort of your own home.

Speed reading software often include a range of exercises which help develop your reading speed over a course of time, slowly developing the habits to become an effective reader; the exercises are typically a daily exercise.

The more comprehensive (and sometimes more expensive) solutions can be a great investment for developing your speed reading skills. These programs provide a complete learning environment to cultivate your reading speed and involve a range of tests to measure all aspects involved with developing your reading comprehension and reading speed.

The downside of speed reading programs is that they are limited to focusing on the practice of speed reading. Some people believe that if you know the principles of speed reading, you do not need to the additional software and that the principles of speed reading are enough to significantly improve your reading speed.

How to make effective use of speed reading software

If you are investing in a program it is best to treat it as a course; setting time aside for it and practising the techniques to effectively develop the habits which make you an effective reader.

You may find that the early morning is the best time to practice with speed reading software, whilst you are alert and as a routine task done at the start of the day so that it does not get overlooked as the course of the day goes on.

Patience and discipline can be your best friends when taking on any self-guided course. Mastering the ability to read faster is a worthwhile exercise and with enough patience you will find yourself reading in seconds what previously took you minutes.